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Behind The Scenes - Who wrote Cricket Coach?

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"Cricket Coach is an excellent addition to anyones arsenal of games. It will give massive value for money, will give hours upon hours of gaming joy and will continue to lead the way forward in the years to come...."

"The sheer depth is amazing. 10/10 for the sim aspect alone..."

(2011 review)

"Cricket Coach is the cricket version of Football Manager....A truly amazing game; priced at £19.99 it is a must for all cricket fans and cricket statto’s!"

The Middle Stump

"Cricket Coach is seriously stat-driven, and a match for Empire's elderly International Cricket Captain series..."

PC Gamer Magazine

The most detailed cricket game ever!

Key new features appearing in Cricket Coach 2014

  • Fully updated to the 2015 Cricket World Cup
  • Updated career stats for over 6000 players
  • Updated tour schedule, play the series as they happen in real life
  • Real life grounds for international fixtures in 2014
  • Updated squads for domestic teams, including all the latest transfers
  • Many new players added to the database, including 100s from smaller nations
  • Updated all records to the start of the 2014 season
  • Added option to return to the main menu after playing
  • All new distinct bowling skills for one day and T20 matches
  • Variable sized grounds, some short boundaries, some huge fields
  • All new 2D ground graphics, from village green to huge stadium
  • All new Day/Night matches with 2D view graphics
  • New 'Preferred batting position' for T20 matches
  • New 'Reserve batting position' for all formats
  • New 'additional selection hints' to enable realistic selections biases by international boards
  • Option to order a batsman to try to keep the strike
  • Option to order a batsman to hit and run
  • New special 'weighting' code in match engine to allow minnows' games to be realistically simulated
  • Defensive skill for batsmen - to simulate those batsman who protect their wicket better than others
  • Entirely re-written international rankings engine - to better allow minnow nations to fight for a decent rankings
  • Enhanced assistant manager who you can now order to pick a team of 2 spinners / extra batsman / pace attack etc
  • Ability to save team selections, and load them up later on, to speed up team selections
  • Modernised 2D view on screen display graphics, to reflect the major broadcasters in 2013
  • Live career stats shown on the match day screen, like on a popular cricket website.
  • All new Minor counties simulated for the first time ever with real squads and 3-day/one day competition
  • New in-match graphics and outcome icons
  • Redesigned GUI with easier to read text
  • Enhanced editors with ability to set/disable 2nd XI & U19 domestic/international cricket by country
  • Fielding and leadership skills that grow over time and have a potential value like bat/bowl skills
  • Improved bowling AI to stop weaker bowlers bowling at the end
  • Many bug fixes and minor tweaks to the engine to increase realism


  • CC Almanack - have the game produce a 5000+ page HTML cricketers almanac based on your saved game. [example]
  • U19 cricket - Run a youth team and select the best players each year for a full contract.
  • 2nd XIs - Keep your reserves in form with a full schedule of fixtures.
  • Assistant Coach Delegation - delegate various parts of your job (such as managing the youth/2nd XIs) to your assistant.
  • Friendly matches - need a warm-up before a big game? Schedule a friendly in any format to get your players back into form.
  • Day-by-day Calendar View - View your season in the format of a calendar.
  • Enhanced World Challenge Mode - Play a one-off World T20 or Champs Trophy in addition to a one-off World Cup.
  • Quick Search - search directly from any screen for easier access to data.
  • Revamped Search Screen - search teams, competitions, series and matches in addition to players.
  • Live games widget - A side bar widget giving you a shortcut to games currently in progress.
  • Enhanced Home Screen - an easier to use layout.
  • Australian T20 franchise league - complete with player auction.
  • Staged retirements - players now often retire from one format of the game before another.
  • Enhanced match engine - fixing issue with spin bowlers and adding extra depth to weather simulation.
  • Vastly enhanced HTML output options

Key Features

  • Statistics for over 4900 players correct to the 2014 season
  • Updated international tours for the 2014 season
  • Future Tours Program - hand made future tours schedule that sees everyone play everyone in a four year window
  • Database selection: Choose what 'cricket world' database to play with, the game ships with 2014, but using the editors you can create your own.
  • All new tour negotiator feature. Manipulate the tours program to suit your country, need extra practice games before facing Australia? Not a problem!
  • Arrange extra tours on top of the FTP.
  • All new captaincy role. Appoint a player to be your captain and rely on him to lead by example. Appoint separate captains for each format if you like.
  • T20 tours - now separate from ODIs - also appoint a specialist T20 captain
  • Competition editor. Adjust domestic competitions to suit your liking.
  • Enhanced news system, with more in depth news articles on your world of cricket

Additional Features

  • The most detailed database of world cricketers available in any computer game. Far larger and more in depth than any of the console games, more detailed than that other cricket management game for the PC.
  • Unlike any other major cricket title our live player database is accessible 24/7 through our website. Update your game at any time.
  • Unlike that other cricket title we have a player editor that ships with the game. Add yourself to the game, improve your favourite player, weaken those players who you don't rate in real life. The possibilities are endless.
  • Great new game engine that is lightening quick compared to all previous games in the series. Runs far more comfortably alongside other programs on a Windows system.
  • Detailed batting and bowling tactics allow you to control your team on the field. Use your cricketing knowledge to guide your team to victory.
  • Opt to play ball by ball, or over by over. Or even let the game play automatically and sit back in your seat and enjoy the action.
  • Realistic domestic schedule for each season. Lead your team in their division of the County Championship, have a blast in the T20 cup, show off your one day skills in the 40 over league. Or perhaps you fancy a challenge from somewhere outside England and Wales. Choose to lead a state side in Australia, or a franchise in South Africa. Or perhaps you love the new Indian T20 league with its huge array of foreign talent. It's all there and unique to Cricket Coach 2012.
  • Control minor nations such as Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Kenya and Namibia. Lead them through a full World Cricket League campaign with promotion and relegation. Play the Intercontinental Cup and Intercontinental Shield. Attempt to earn full Test Match status. Do well in the World Cricket League and qualify for the World Cup and World T20 Cup.
  • Easy to use field editor allowing customised fields. Also tell your bowlers what line and length to bowl, plus type of delivery (e.g. Yorker/Short Ball/In swinger etc)
  • Exciting new full screen highlights view with animated umpire. Easy to customise graphics allow you to tailor your own experience.
  • As always more domestic competitions than any other cricket game in history. Full domestic schedule from Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe. Over 120 domestic teams to manage gives years of varied gameplay.
  • Brand new Champions League competition. Lead your team to victory in the local T20 competition and find yourself in India playing the Champions League. Never before seen in a cricket game.
  • Improved match engine provides realistic cricket action all the way from long five day test matches to rain reduced T20 slogs. Includes DL rain rule.
  • From day one of the game all players have career statistics saved. Look back at any time at any players performance each format of the game.
  • Updated team selection AI. Smart computer managers pick different sides depending on the format of the game. They are likely to choose aggressive cricketers for T20, leaving out those slow paced batsmen. Whereas in the longer form of the game they will look for players more suitable for the game.
  • Fully simulated Indian T20 franchise league. Also includes exciting player auction reflecting real life.
  • Each to use interface allows you to view detailed of any match played during the season. Look through scorecards, manhatten graphs, worm charts. Also click on any player and view their recent form.
  • World rankings for batsmen and bowlers. Generated for each format of the game.
  • Team editor lets you to edit the names of teams. Perhaps add in full names for those T20 franchises.
  • Ground editor lets you to adjust the default conditions at each grounds. Perhaps you know more about local conditions than us?

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